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Floods in Australia

January 5, 2011

The numbers are mind boggling. Water levels 9 metres above normal, and area 3x the size of New Zealand under water.  I have been in floods, in fact Cyclone Bola swept through my residence (and then we had another less than 6 months later), but the water rose and was gone.  It didn’t hang around for weeks, it was a short sharp slap, we endured the pain of watching water come and go overnight, and then got on with the recovery.

My heart goes out to those affected, farmers have lost their year’s income (in actual fact it is worse than that because they have invested the money into that crop that was just about to be harvested), families will have lost homes and their lives will never be the same. Australians, like New Zealanders, are a stoic lot and they will get through this. It will take years for some towns to recover but just like I can now roll Cyclone Bola off my tongue, like a badge of farming honour, they will get through and the desperation and despair will turn.


The power of Kiwiblog

October 6, 2009

I had let my blog lie dormant since the last election and the visits toodled around in the low double digits on a daily basis – mainly people looking into the No Asset Procedure Law and the Credit Crisis Explained (are these two linked? 🙂 )

However I sent Kiwiblog a link to my blog showing pciture of the snow on the Napier Taupos and WAAALAAA, 1500 hits in a day


It’s going to e an interesting flight….

July 28, 2008

I fly into Auckland this afternoon, looking at these forecast maps it should be an interesting experience.  I do, however  have one particular flight against which I can judge all others.

It was a few years ago now but we had one of those 40 degree days in Hawke’s Bay and as we were approaching Wellington (not yet in landing mode) we hit a (very) cold front. I knew all was not well when the pilot came across the intercom and asked the cabin crew to take their seats, and they ran!

After a few seconds people were praying, some were letting out muffled screams, while one woman, who I can only assume was mentally deranged,  was yelling YeeeeHaaaaaaaa; believe me it was just like a rodeo ride.

a double espresso with sugar fixed the shakes at the end of that.

Anyway, from the forecast it looks like HB may get hit  this time too.