Go Sir Pinetree

January 13, 2010

What a great spectacle this will be. Sir Pinetree ( I feel he deserves the title even if he doesn’t) will kicking off for  a match between a Tui Invitational and Mangatainoka RFC Invitational XV AND Sir Brian Lachore will be No.8; unfortunately if you ain’t got tickets you may well have missed out 😦  Oh and there is also a preseason game between the Hurricanes and the Blues. 🙂

This from the HB Rugby Union (Go the MIghty Magpies!)

Just letting you know that we have now sold out of tickets for the pre season match between the Hurricanes and the Blues at Mangatainoka on the 23rd of Jan.  With 10 days to go before kickoff, the brewery sold ticket number 7690 today.   So it’s a full house, the No Vacancy sign has now been placed at the Mangatainoka RFC gate, little Mangatainoka will be bursting at the seams with this number as it is.  So what a great start to the Super 14 season for 2010 – the regional interest is as strong as ever in our national game.

It’s not often that an old rugby club and a brewery gets to host a ‘big’ rugby game – let alone a Super 14 match, but what a day this will be for Rugby and Mangatainoka.  For those that had the organisational ability that secure tickets early –  congratulations!!   You are in for a treat – a festival of sport with pre match, the big game and post match entertainment. Rugby greats Sir Brian Lochore and Colin ‘Pinetree’ Meads, Peter Bush and rugby commentator Keith Quinn having a yak.  And in a comeback from retirement to rival Lance Armstrong,  Meads is expected to kick-off the curtain raiser between a Tui Invitational XV and a Mangatainoka RFC Invitation XV with Sir Brian tipped to be named as No 8 for the big game. In addition there will be an air show, Tui Brewery girls, bands, plus a lot more surprises and entertainment.



So this is what lefties get up to…swinging

January 11, 2010

I often wondered why people play on the left hand side of the political spectrum…now know 🙂

“It’s not exclusive to us; worldwide nudist clubs have been dropping in numbers, and people have expressed an interest to be just that little bit further left of centre.”

Full story here

Wedding Givers – great concept

January 11, 2010

Press Release from Mystery Creek Events Centre

Happy couple keen to gift their wedding to deserving pair

Hamiltonians, Gene and Kim, want to share their wedding experience with a deserving couple to take place the day after their own wedding on Sunday 28 February, 2010 at Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton. The soon to be wed pair feel privileged to be able to afford their own wedding in this difficult climate and empathise with couples who are unable to realise their own dream of a wedding. Therefore, with the generous support of a variety of sponsors, Gene and Kim would like to gift a duplicate of their wedding to a worthy committed couple.

To be considered as the ‘Wedding Givers’ recipient, potential applicants must be eligible to marry and be experiencing financial hardship which has made the dream of a wedding an impossible expense. Their financial difficulty could be caused by many reasons, some of which include; a casualty of the recession resulting in redundancy or business loss, serious health issues concerning their partner/child or any other difficult circumstance beyond their control.

The selected couple will receive a wedding on a similar scale to Gene and Kim’s, on Sunday 28 February, 2010. The ceremony and reception will be held at Mystery Creek Events Centre at the Heritage Village and the Bledisloe venues.

Interested couples can either enter themselves or be nominated by family or friends through applying online, before February 10, 2010, with a description as to why the couple truly deserves the gift of a wedding. Submissions and conditions of entry can be sourced at http://www.mysterycreek.co.nz <http://www.mysterycreek.co.nz/> .

Through the generosity of sponsors, all major aspects of the wedding have been covered. Kim has even offered to lend the winning bride her own wedding dress. This promotion could not be possible without the help of the following sponsors; Radio station ZM, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Super Liquor Te Rapa, Kiwi King Spit Roast Company, Zibido Hair, Gem’s Gems, Five Cross Roads Cake Kitchen and Anne Purnell of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand.

Craig Foss caricature

January 11, 2010

Murray Webb does it again. He captures one of the Backing the Bay team brilliantly

Headline: John Key has a…holiday!

January 10, 2010

OMG Eddie over at the (sub)standard is getting his/her knickers in a twist over John Key having a holiday and spending time with his family. He/she is also getting apoplectic about the fact that JK is spending time in Hawaii and not NZ.  Will Eddies get over him/herself.

My 2c worth are that our PM is

  • allowed a holiday, no seriously Eddie, he is.
  • allowed a holiday anywhere he choses (hell if I could spend a few weeks in Hawaii I would 🙂 )
  • doing what families like to do over the holidays; enjoying each others company.
  • giving NZ his all when he is working and remember his phone is on 24/7

JK and his family have a bach in NZ as well and no doubt they spend time there too.

For goodness sake Eddie just because Helen Clark chose to spend her time climbing mountains (and good on her for that) doesn’t make the time she spent doing so any less of a holiday.

Eddie’s post stinks just a little of jealously and desperation.

Aly Gil

January 8, 2010

I don’t want to give this too much oxygen but for all the technology that went into building Earthrace you would think that someone, somewhere might have mentioned the physics of fibreglass vs steel to the numpties that were driving Aly Gil. Painting the boat black and wearing commando gear does not give you super powers!

Hideous Air New Zealand Concept

January 8, 2010

Please say it isn’t so.  The women’s uniform is hideous and while I normally love Trelisse Cooper’s designs this one is WAY off the mark.  The only advantage I can see in this patterned dress is that the hostess will not have to worry getting passengers vomit on it…it will blend nicely

The girl with the dragon tattoo

January 8, 2010

Absolutely brilliant.  Words that spring to mind about themes of the movie are violence, misogynist, hope, family, love, and hate.  Apparently the original title was ‘Men who hate women’…not nearly as alluring but for my part I am aware that there are people in society who act as the hateful characters in this story acted however I felt compassion for the girl and the guy and hoped all the way through that things would work out.  There are good people in this movie (men AND women) and there are bad, it’s dark and serious but you leave the theatre happy.

I am now going to have to buy the book plus the two others that follow 🙂

Socially Correct Madness

January 6, 2010

I just had to enter my birthdate to look at a picture of a bottle of Chivas!  (Actually to copy the link for the previous post)

Here at Chivas we are committed to responsible drinking so we need to ensure that you are over the legal drinking age and that you are legally permitted to view this site in the country that you are in.

It’s a PICTURE of a bottle! At great risk to society I am now showing you what they are afraid young people might see.

Such stupidity might just make me change brands…or not. 🙂

Never say never

January 6, 2010

It’s been my long held opinion that I should never say ‘never’ as invariably I ‘do’.  Conversely it’s the same with New Years resolutions, if I say ‘I’m gonna”, I don’t.

So when I secretly mumbled to myself that I too many toys that I hadn’t yet learnt how to get the best out of AND that I could spend the year learning to use them better AND hence be more frugal, in my heart of hearts I knew it was doomed.

To be fair it really is he-who-works-outdoors fault.  At the time the following beastie was suggested to us before Christmas I just nodded and grinned stupidly as, and he-who-works-outdoors knows this, I was under the influence of a decent quantity of Chivas and had a belly fully of BBQ.  So when it turned up last night and it was turned on the only appropriate response therefore was to break out the chivas, turn on the BBQ, nod and once again grin stupidly.