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Is the IRD feeling unloved?

December 8, 2009

I received this in the post the other day and it lay on the table gathering dust but then over a couple of glasses of wine last night we had a really good laugh about it with friends. Many questions arose, does the IRD need a friend? Do they think we need more friends? What is a Community Relationships Advisor? Why do they call us ‘the customer’? (the ‘’ at the end of the email address tells us the IRD works for us.) Do they really think that people will dob in their colleagues? and last but not least we answered the questions that were bugging the IRD. There were many, many answers (some unprintable) ┬ábut it was unanimously decided that the answer to all the questions was… “The IRD'”.

The could take some sage advice from the late Michael Jackson “I’m looking at the man in the mirror.”